We all have to start somewhere right? Welcome to my start! I’m Andrew Wolff and I want to tell you about some great books! Also, some horrible books. Maybe even some books I really couldn’t have cared less about but they got me through that really long wait at the dentist office. Regardless of the quality of the book, I want you to know about it! Here you’ll find my thoughts on what I read, some of the geeky things I’m passionate about, and my very own stories! Take some time out, sit back, and lets get talking!

My Reviews- All the reviews I post are 100% my views. Nobody is paying me to say anything. Unless they pay me to post a review which is still MY opinion so you’re still getting 100% pure me! Lucky you.

My Videos- Any videos I post are also 100% pure me! Thought and opinions are my own and all filming/editing posting is all done by yours truly unless otherwise noted. Feel free to check out the “Videos” tab (WIP right now) or head over and show my YouTube some love. Note- I’m not a professional YouTuber so be kind.

My Writings- I dabble in writing every now and again and I want to share it with you! All my stories are my own. Feel free to let me know what you think and give feedback! Feel free to not steal any of my work. That’s not cool. I’d LOVE to see some of your writing even if it’s in my worlds/with my characters!

My Nerdy Stuff- I have a lot of nerdy passions. I’m sure you have them too. Let’s talk nerdy to each other.